Arri Alexa35 S35 4.6k Launched

Arri announced the S35 4.6K Camera with a revolutionary new sensor.

Key Highlights:
– S35 Sized Sensor
– 4.6K Resolution
– 120FPS in 4K
– 17 Stops of claimed latitude
– Small Form Factor

“ALEXA 35 is the smallest fully featured ARRI production camera ever, packing the features and processing power of a larger ALEXA into a Mini-sized body that can record native 4K at up to 120 fps. Fast and easy operation is assured through numerous usability improvements and a simple menu structure that will be intuitively familiar to crews. ALEXA 35 is the best A-camera, B-camera, and action camera on the market, all rolled into one.”

New side display
Read status and change settings without a viewfinder via the new camera left-side display and jog wheel. Great for TRINITY, Steadicam, Easyrig, drones, and cranes.

HDR viewfinder
Familiar MVF-2 viewfinder and menu structure from ALEXA Mini LF; now with the option to switch to HDR viewing in the eyepiece.

Designed for flexibility
Five interchangeable lens mounts, two scratch mics, and internal FSND filters make ALEXA 35 ideal for changing shooting requirements. ACs will love the body-mounted LBUS connector, built-in serial port for distance measuring devices, and hot-pluggable viewfinder.

Integrated electronic modules
The Power Distribution Module PDM-1 (center) offers seven extra power accessory outputs, while the Audio Extension Module AEM-1 (right) provides two incredibly clean microphone preamp channels for onboard audio recording, as well as extra power outputs.

Media bay for Compact Drive 1TB and 2TB
All existing 1TB compact drives will work with the ALEXA 35, and the new 2TB version brings incredibly high frame rates to uncompressed ARRIRAW recording.

Versatile connectivity
ALEXA 35 offers a host of inputs and outputs for all your accessories. Highlights include two completely independent 12G SDI outputs, an ethernet connector for real-time streaming metadata, and regulated 12 V and 24 V accessory power outputs.

B-Mount, the new 24 V standard
Improved mechanics, impressive metadata, and enough power for all your accessories.

Full details on Arri Website.

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