Arri Camera Control Monitor

Arri Camera Control Monitor CCM-1

Versatile monitoring and full camera control:
The CCM-1 is a 7” onboard monitor that provides full camera control and menu access for the ALEXA 35 and ALEXA Mini LF. Opening up new camera configuration possibilities, the CCM-1 combines ARRI color accuracy and a bright display with customizable controls and rugged build quality.

A new way to operate
For camera operators who prefer to judge framing and exposure with an onboard monitor rather than a viewfinder, the CCM-1 is an easy choice. It provides an alternative control, menu, and image interface to the MVF-2 viewfinder, which it can either replace entirely or work alongside, and it does so without using up one of the camera’s SDI outputs.

Bright display with color-accurate ARRI image quality:
The CCM-1 displays a bright, high-contrast HD image on its 7” IPS LCD screen that is easily viewable in daylight from a range of viewing angles. Like the tried and trusted MVF-2, it connects via the camera’s VF connector and provides an image that faithfully conveys the accuracy and subtlety of ARRI color management.
Sensor-level monitoring functions make use of the sensor’s full resolution, for example zooming into the image for more accurate focus checking. Tools on the CCM-1 such as false color or peaking are much more user-friendly than on standard SDI-connected monitors because they affect only the image from the camera, and not the status overlays.

See full details on Arri Website here.

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