Arri Impression Filters

Arri Impression Filters

Impression V for vintage looks
Launching the new line of ARRI Impression Filters are eight Impression V Filters that give a vintage feel to Signature Prime and Zoom lenses. The four negative and four positive diopter filters incrementally shift the focus characteristics of the image, allowing a range of detuned looks to be created with one set of Signature lenses.

Exciting new creative option

  • Cost-effective way to achieve multiple looks with a single lens set
  • Positive and negative filters affect bokeh in different ways
    Controllable, repeatable detuning of
    Signature lenses on set
  • Images can be made more glamorous, or grittier
  • Incremental deconstruction of the digital image

Easily exchangeable rear filters

  • Set of eight diopters: four positive and four negative
  • Fast to exchange via magnetic rear filter adapter on all Signature lenses
  • Rear filters have a different effect from matte box filters
  • Decide on a look in prep, or change the look on set
  • Signatures can be returned to their native look in minutes

Kit includes everything you need

  • All eight filter strengths, plus shims for negative filters
  • High-end adjustable torque screwdriver
  • Inscribable Velcro tabs for labeling filtered lenses
  • Kit packaged in a specially designed aluminum flight case
  • Filters, shims, and Velcro tabs can be purchased separately

Compatible with most ARRI ALEXA cameras

  • ALEXA 35
  • ALEXA 65
  • ALEXA Classic / ALEXA XT / ALEXA
  • Third-party LPL adapters require testing

Precision-made optics

  • Manufactured from the highest-quality optical glass
  • Lens scales remain useable at T1.8 (negative filters must be shimmed)
  • Made to the most exacting standards and tolerances
  • Consistent optical performance
  • ARRI durabilitv and reliability
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