Chromalight Green Primer and Paint for Cyclorama

Chromalight introduces Green Primer for Cyclorama applications.

Green Primer is designed to ensure that Cyclorama surfaces are more durable and better adhered to the paint to be used as a topcoat. In this context, when you use Cyclorama Green Paint over Green Primer, you will have a more durable Cyclorama surface. Additionally, if the topcoat paint on Cyclorama is deformed, you’ll see the green-colored primer, which will not affect the quality of the shoot.

» Superior Coverage
» Highest Durability
» Applicable to all types of surfaces
» Improves the performance of Cyclorama Green Paint

Chromalight Green Paint:

The luminance level is optimized for Green Screen productions in a cyclorama using digital camera sensors.
The high-quality pigments and processing methods we use maximize chroma.
This way you can get maximum co lor channel difference during keying, while minimizing green spill on subjects. It can be painted over Wood, various metals, vinyl, concrete, plaster, old painted surfaces coated with water-based decorative primers/paints, silicone-free paints, and other plastic materials.

» Optimal Luminance
» Maximal Chroma
» Minimal Spill
» Minimal Gloss
» Ultimate Durability

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