Cinebot Mini

Cinebot Mini

The Cinebot Mini mocobot is a compact motion control robot for high-end live-action shooting. Purpose-built for ease-of-use, and extremely portable, the compact system is designed to simplify shooting situations, on set, on location or in a studio, while still delivering professional-level motion control work.

The innovative Cinebot Mini is available on track or pedestal and integrates motion control with the familiarity and type of control that is used on everyday sets, using regular grip equipment. Cinematographers can hand-hold the camera in various positions, and the robotic arm will record them. They can also push the track like a standard dolly, and this movement can be recorded and played back. Enjoy flexible control options, from direct handheld manipulation to simple control through a mobile device, with all information recorded in Flair. Upgrade your filming experience with the Cinebot Mini, the ultimate tool for accessible and dynamic camera movements.

Small, Lightweight & Portable: Cinebot Mini is compact, lightweight, and easily portable, allowing for convenient transportation, setup and location work.
Manual Camera Control: Users can manually point and record camera positions or keyframes, providing simple control over camera movements.
Can Run on Battery: The Cinebot Mini has a battery option that can last up to 8 hours, providing extended operation without a main power source.
Smartphone Input: Moves can be recorded or inputted directly from a mobile phone, offering flexibility and convenience in controlling the robot.
User-Friendly Control: The system is designed with simplicity in mind, providing easy control for grips and directors of photography (DPs), minimising the need for complex programming on set.

Camera Payload: The robot can support up to 10kg, accommodating a wide range of professional cameras and equipment.
Reach: With a 1.3m arm reach, operators can shoot from various angles & positions to create dynamic camera movements.
Track and pedestal option: The Cinebot Mini offers flexibility with a track and pedestal option. It can be used on an adjustable pedestal for height variation or equipped with a track for an additional axis of movement, expanding creative possibilities.

Full details on the official website here.

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