DJI Ronin 4D 6k

DJI Ronin 4D 6K

DJI has launched the Ronin 4D 6k with 4axis image stabilisation and a 6k camera built into it.

DJI Ronin 4D has two versions: a 6K Combo and an 8K Combo. Both combos include X9 gimbal cameras with different specifications. The 6K Combo features an X9-6K Gimbal Camera that supports video recording at resolutions up to 6K, and the 8K Combo features an X9-8K Gimbal Camera supporting video recording at resolutions up to 8K. Compared with the 6K Combo, the 8K Combo has an additional PROSSD 1TB, USB-C to USB-C Cable, PROSSD Mount, and other accessories. See DJI Ronin 4D In-the-Box for a detailed list of included items.

The main body of DJI Ronin 4D is crafted with aluminum magnesium alloy and the Z-Axis arm with carbon fiber. The HDMI port on the main body supports output up to 1080p/60fps. A later firmware update will support output of 4K/60fps.


  • Sensor Size: 35mm full-frame CMOS image sensor
  • Base Lens Mount: DX Mount, and support for other mount units
  • Supported Lens Mount: DL Mount (standard), M Mount, and E Mount
  • DL Lens:
  • DJI DL 24mm F2.8 LS ASPH
    DJI DL 35mm F2.8 LS ASPH
    DJI DL 50mm F2.8 LS ASPH
  • Dynamic Range: 14+ stops
  • White Balance: Manual 2,000-11,000 Kelvin and tint adjustment, supports AWB
  • Gamma: D-Log, Rec.709, HLG
  • EI Range: X9-8K: EI 200-12800, Dual Native ISO 800/4000
    X9-6K: EI 200-12800, Dual Native ISO 800/5000
  • Shutter Speed: Electronic Rolling Shutter 1/24s-1/8000s
  • ND : Built-in 9-stop ND filters:
    Clear, 2 (0.3), 4 (0.6), 8 (0.9), 16 (1.2), 32 (1.5), 64 (1.8), 128 (2.1), 256 (2.4), 512 (2.7)
  • Focus Control [3] : Autofocus, Manual Focus, Automated Manual Focus
  • Supported File System: exFAT
  • Recording Format : Apple ProRes RAW HQ/Apple ProRes RAW
    Apple ProRes 422 HQ/Apple ProRes 422 [4]
    H.264 (4:2:0 10-bit)
    View detailed list
  • Storage Media : DJI PROSSD 1TB, CFexpress 2.0 Type B, USB-C SSD
  • DJI PROSSD 1TB Recording Format: No restriction on recording format
  • CFexpress 2.0 Type B Recording Format : ProRes 422 HQ:
    6K: 23.976/24/25/29.97/30fps
    C4K: 23.976/24/25/29.97/30/48/50/59.94/60/72/96/100/120fps
    2K: 23.976/24/25/29.97/30/48/50/59.94/60/72/96/100/120fps

    C4K: 23.976/24/25/29.97/30/48/50/59.94/60/72/96/100/120fps
    2K: 23.976/24/25/29.97/30/48/50/59.94/60/72/96/100/120fps
  • USB-C SSD Recording Format [6]
  • ProRes 422 HQ:
    C4K: 23.976/24/25/29.97/30/48/50/59.94/60fps
    2K: 23.976/24/25/29.97/30/48/50/59.94/60fps

    C4K: 23.976/24/25/29.97/30/48/50/59.94/60fps
    2K: 23.976/24/25/29.97/30/48/50/59.94/60fps
  • Built-in Mic: Built-in 2-ch stereo
  • Audio Format : LPCM 2-ch, 24-bit 48kHz

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