How To Join WICA

How To Join WICA

WICA, Western India Cinematographers Association, is an association, which is a place that not only gets Cinematographers future ready for professional gains but also sets guidelines for treading the path of professionalism.
Associations are created to bring out a common ground for knowledge pooling, guide for those seeking professional direction, as well as foundation for a richer professional life.
Every individual belongs to one or the other association, which shapes the future course of jobs for the individual. Therefore an association helps in enriching the professional journey of an individual, as its a very sacred and integral part of that individual’s materialistic as well as holistic gains of life. For this very reason a professional, needs to be part of an association which is helps the professional to widen his/her horizon and network.
WICA, is one such association for the professionals in the field of Cinematography.
For any cinematographer to be part of WICA, is a matter of not just pride but a matter of increasing professional reach.
A Cinematographer, holds the key to making an artistically creative idea come alive in association with the Director of a film.
The cinema world or advertisement world, holds a delicate charm because, we as audiences get to see vivid ideas come alive on screen luring us into the world of moving pictures which has been crafted to tell a unique story through the eyes of the lense. Each film gives the audience an insight into an exclusive string of sequences which spins around a creative storyline conceived by the Director and practically rolled out by the Cinematographer.
WICA is the association of Cinematographers and to be part of this institution is simple, candidate friendly and above all it believes in bringing like minded people under one creative roof where each individual can add value to the institution of Cinematography by pooling in their knowledge, experience, practical know-how, leading to exchanging views and refreshing skillsets.

Cinematographers willing to be part of the Association can reach out the office for the form which helps the individual be a part of such a prestigious institution.
One can get the form from the registered office, the address of which is –
24, 2nd Floor, Om Heera Panna Arcade,
New Link road, Andheri West, near Oshiwara Police Station Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053

Interested and willing individual must carry two white background passport size photos for filling in the form.
The cost of the form is only Rs.200 and documents required for enrolling are as follows:
– Permanent Address proof
– Date of Birth proof (which could be Aadhar Card, PAN card, Birth Certificate or Passport)
– Academic Certificates & Technical Qualifications certificates
– Bio Data
– Application for Apprentice/Junior/Associate/Active Membership, must have the signature of an Active Member of WICA as Proposer
– Application for Colorist/DIT/must have a copy of Letter of Employment on Employers letter head signed by authorised person.
– Lab report of Blood group (which is mandatory)

Forms can be downloaded from here.

Form fees payment is made in the name of Western India Cinematographer’s Association.

One can also log onto their website (http:// or email ( & or contact (+918928627770) for any further membership queries.

Enrolled members can access the website for news updates, achievements of fellow Cinematographers, world news, updates on equipment, also get featured on the website or recent accomplishments and stay connected with each other for ever increasing network.
WICA members enjoy benefits offered by the Association in terms of work, emergency aids too.

By Medhavini Bishnoi

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