Anirban Chatterjee

Anirban Chatterjee : Cinematographer

As a child what were your early influences towards cinema?
My dad, my eldest uncle and my cousin brother used to do Photography. Their SLR cameras, process of developing & printing used to fascinate me as a child..

How did you first become interested in cinematography? Did you start with photography?
Ya, I used to click pictures but they were not to be discussed, very amateurish.. I used to watch Hollywood and Foreign language films whenever I used to get time and opportunity, that helped me choose cinematography..

What steps did you take to train yourself?
Watched a lot of films, with the limited resource of behind the scenes available back then.. “American Cinematographer Magazine“ helped a lot.

Have you assisted anyone? How does it help one?
Yes, I assisted Sudeepda (DoP Sudeep Chatterjee), in fact for a very long time..
I requested Sudeepda to take me as his assistant, he was kind enough to agree & there the journey started..
He helped me to become what I am today.. Sudeepda only taught me everything about film making..

How did your first film project come about?
My first film is “Saa.. Simple Notes”.
Director:- Arijit Singh.
It’s a different feeling all together.. Excitement to do something of my own was tremendous..

What is perhaps the most important factor for you to choose a script?
As a cinematographer it’s very important for me to like a story.. If I like the story I will be able to add something which will be a visual treat to the audience.

Is cinematography intuitive or is it something you learn?
Sometimes I go with the gut feeling and sometimes I learn and study more to make the film look different from others..

Tell us something bout your latest film.
‘Sabash Feluda’ just got released today on ZEE5.
Director:- Arindam Sil.

Where do you seek inspiration from?
From nature, from street photography, from the travel of sun, from the shadows at night and from the new age n old film makers ..

What is in the kitty right now?
My next film will start on 10th of May. It’s a Bengali film called “Jongol-e Mitin Mashi.“ It’s a franchise on a Female Detective.. Super excited.
Director:- Arindam Sil

What’s your dream project?
Will be Shooting something very interesting by the end of this year.. That one will be super challenging..

Your most memorable blunder?
Saying no to certain projects which became a blockbuster..

Any advice to the inspiring cinematographers?
Keep calm and keep your eyes open, you will get to learn something or the other each day and everyday..
I am doing exactly the same..

What book, music, movie are you enjoying right now?
Waiting for Dune: Part 2 to release..

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