The new camera capture format from Sony – X-OCN using R7 Raw Recorder

1. Save precious time and money

The brand new X-OCN (EXtended tonal range Original Camera Negative) recording format is made for today’s professional production workflows. Since files are up to 60% smaller compared with F55 RAW recording on the F55CineAlta camera, you’ll benefit from faster data transfers. And you’ll save on reduced media storage costs into the bargain.
2. Uncompromised quality

It’s your image that matters most. X-OCN doesn’t compromise on all-important picture quality, processing original data from the camera’s sensor using a powerful new algorithm. There’s a choice of two operating modes to suit any project. X-OCN ST (Standard) quality is visually indistinguishable from Sony F55 RAW camera files with about 30% file size reduction. X-OCN LT (Light) quality maintains tremendous power and grading flexibility of 16-bit Scene Linear, with an incredible 60% file size reduction over current F55 RAW files.

3. Finer creative control

Despite lower bit rates than F55 RAW, X-OCN delivers unprecedented flexibility and creative control in post-production with more than 65,000 tonal gradations – far in excess of current 10-bit or 12-bit formats. X-OCN combines full 2K and 4K resolution with extraordinary colour reproduction, well suited to Sony’s S-Gamut 3. X-OCN is as flexible as you want, handling frame rates right up to 120 fps in 4K resolution. X-OCN also records metadata to capture your choices for ISO sensitivity, colour temperature and others delivering the full potential of the original sensor data into post-production.

4. Great for HDR

Used with the AXS-R7 external recorder, X-OCN allows forward-looking film-makers to take advantage of the F55’s support for HDR (High Dynamic Range). Accommodating a dynamic range of around 14 stops, the F55 can capture HDR images with a wider range of brightness levels, for sparkling peak highlights and deep, rich blacks.

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